Who is the one aware of silence?

Am I truth through stillness?

Is one beauty as nothing?

Is silence thy greatest voice?


This is the perfect book to dip into every now and then. Each time I open it to read a few pages I am amazed at how appropriate they seem to be to the way I am feeling at the time. Some pages are just one line whilst others are a full page long. In all cases the writing is beautiful. The book is clearly written with love and it is a book to keep permanently next to your bed. (Next to The Prophet by Kahil Gibran) It is also the perfect to gift to give a loved one.

Michael Podles – Amazon Reviewer



In the heart of existence is a love that holds no fear
A love that knows no boundaries
A love that stretches for all eternity
At the centre of this heart is you


The Spirit of Love (known as Glen) has captured an element of the essence of the Divine Unknowable and laid bare his Soul for all to delight in.This exquisite book speaks deeply to that part of me that has forgotten the mystery in my own life and reminds me to expand into trusting my process. All is already taken care of by existence and as I let go and trust Life flows through me!

Deep Gratitude for the gift of remembering that these words bring to me…Highly Recommended!

Alan Matthew Pepler (Amazon Reviewer)




I am here
As the space between each breath of existence that sustains your very being
Do not run from my silence
For even the coldest winter chill is born from my love


This is a book of incredible depth and beauty. Reflections by a man who has known the depths of despair and through this despair, has been brought to a place of expansion and pure being. What a gift!

Soula Yiangou


The peace of space
The silence of stillness
The intimacy of emptiness
The joy of being


The Spirit of Love is a beautiful anthology of poems and the cover is a work of art! I found the book inspiring because I love writing poetry and this book reminded me of the power of each of us sitting down and distilling our feelings into words, using poetry as the sacred container to bring forth truth.

I also found it interesting to see the progression of the poems from simple expressions of personal experience (trauma/loss/learning/growth) to a budding connectedness with mother earth, to the more abstract lofty works of wisdom that were channeled later as the writer stepped into his phase as ‘teacher’. Depending on where you are at in your own spiritual journey, you will find something in this book to resonate with you.

PS – A fun thing to do is to open the book at random and see if there is a message in the poem that reveals itself to you!
Tahnee Woolf (Author of Introducing The Ten Terrains Of Consciousness)



For whilst thoughts, emotions, content, story and experience is a part of the journey,
it is a mere ripple on the surface of the vast depthless ocean of thy being,
of which I know nothing.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. What really appealed is that it is a man’s reflection on life and his perspective through his eyes. It really was an eye opener then men have feelings and thoughts to and that’s what I loved. Some men keep things bottled up but to be able to get a glimpse into this man’s world and everything he feels is just wonderful. – Fantastic Book!

Amy Leigh Ridsdale – (Netgalley Reviewer)