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Below is the content from a recent article in the inspiring and uplifting community magazine known as In-Joy, that circulates throughout the Byron Shire, New South Wales, Australia.


With love


“EVERY trouble and turmoil lives in the mind”

With much beauty, grace and great articulation local author, Glen spoke of the book, The Spirit of Love [created with Edwina] in a recent interview on North Coast Positive , a BayFM radio show hosted by Nyck Jeanes.

The Spirit of Love is a collection of short writings, poems and phrases that invite us to experience a deeper essence of the nature of being, beyond mental contracts of identity, without attachment to who you think you are. Glen explores who we are once we peel off our labels and release our attachment to identity-a name, what you do, how much you have or have not, where you’ve been and what you currently think.

After many destructive cycles that took the author through both deep and dark spaces he found his way to a place where he could finally reflect and see it all as a gift and an opportunity to find an even more true place where you value your being and be here now.

Many enlightened people describe each and every moment as a total experience, a mini death where you move on and begin again. Even when you fall or are pushed to the edge, or even topple over it,.. the spirit of love simply and always exists and awaits your return.

Each one of us is a unique glistening star and Glen said,’ There are so many glistening stars in this sky ~ but it is the blackness of the night sky that allows the stars their shine.”

The Spirit of Love gives you permission to unpack your baggage, let go of the stuff you’ve been carrying from before. Let go of what you think it was and who you are… let go of the old story, re-create the script and allow a fresh character to emerge; a character that is aware of the now and can begin anew in each and every unique moment.

Glen said, “ Go out into nature. Sit down and tell your story to nature. Tell the trees, tell the rocks and tell the animals what you have achieved, what you have acquired, what you want, share your worries and your woes, your glees and your glories… And then become aware and notice if the trees are impressed by your gains and your losses… by your money or your car? No, the tree will just be and be with you for as long as you be with the tree… as you are and always was.”

Death Didn’t Mind

At death’s door you are asked… “Do you need to be anymore than you are?” The answer was, “No.” When the story dies you are free to exist and simply be. This way we live with the spirit of love, unconditional love, unending and all consuming love.

Be love, beloved.

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