Some background and perspective about the writings.

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The writings:

Volume 1 was written around ten years ago, Volume 2 around eight years ago and Volume 3 around two years ago. At no point when the volumes were being written was there any intention to have them published into a book. Experiencing a near-death-experience, in the same time period as living through and then coming out of drug and alcohol addictions, (which was caused by one’s unconscious attachment and identification with the thinking mind’s concept and idea of who it thinks it is, a name and its mental identity/story) had radically altered one’s perception of reality.

Everything that once appeared to have made sense in life no longer seemed to make any sense or be so relevant and important anymore. I did not feel there was anyone around through this time that I could open up to and talk about what was being experienced within, so while traveling in California (USA) I picked up a pen, a writing pad, and started to write whatever wanted to come up and out. 

The Spirit of Love is a collection of private writings, that were being written as a way of exploring and releasing what was being experienced within oneself, through that particular time of one’s inner questioning and expansion. The “you” that gets spoken of throughout the writings is not directed towards anyone else specifically, it was being directed inwardly, even though there may be some writings that look or read this way to the reader’s perception.

When the writings are read from this perspective the reader will see a refection of one man’s inner-quest for the direct experience of one’s inner-most-being, and how the writings were used as a tool for expressing that which is beyond all expressions. 


So you want to know yourself you say

Who am I so to speak?

Well who is there to know?

Who is the one doing the wanting?

A clue perhaps

If your eyes are open and looking in the direction of the distant horizon

Then a distant horizon I will forever remain

However, shall you choose a journey of the inward terrain?

I can promise you sharp rocks of annihilation lay bare before your naked feet

A test of will and character, the earth mirror reflects back

Feet bloodied and torn as the onion sheds its layers

As I await in perfection for our moment to meet.



The book exists as a reminder of what is possible, when one is ready to make the courageous and reality shattering choice of the inward journey of who one truly is.


Cease seeking that which does not exist

Happiness cometh from a materialist-free cave

Its darkness is the light of truth for the awakened One

Searching no more

Surrendering to love

A doorway opens into the unknowable

Like a shimmering lake

That one must walk across without the view of any stepping-stones along the way

For each step into its mysteries, a stone appears before the awakened one’s feet

Guiding one to infinity’s doorstep.



With love


the spirit of love, known as glen

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