Out of all the websites on the internet, out of all the places in the world one can be, out of all the experiences that one can be having, you have chosen to be here now. For this we are deeply grateful and wish to welcome you to our little virtual fingerprint, The Spirit of Love.

The book The Spirit of Love came into existence through the efforts of many beautiful people, of which are acknowledged now.

To the beautiful women and man known as Valerie, Brent, and Rahima,(mother, father and sister). A lifetime of support, patience and acceptance of one’s own journey, of which I am deeply grateful, thank you.

To the beautiful woman, known as Kati, who I first met when backpacking in Central America some ten years ago, and who introduced me to the opening experience of the Burning Man festival.

It was not long after experiencing this festival that the first volume of writings came through.  Spending one week in the desert with a collection of amazing people giving from their hearts freely was a major trigger for the openings to such writings.

To the beautiful young boy, known as Phoenix, who opened me up to a love that is beyond words, whose presence was a big inspiration when writing the second volume of writings and who to this day fills my heart with so much love and joy. Thank you, Phoenix; I love you now and always.

To the beautiful woman, known as Edwina, who has been a shining light in one’s life experience these last seven years.  A woman who helped inspire the third volume of writings and guided and helped with transferring the writings from pen and paper to electronic form, thank you, sweet angel of the night.

To the beautiful young girl, known as Jemima, whose fierce independence and  wild free spirit teaches that I still have much to remember in this life business and whose aliveness is an inspiration in how one can be and experience this playful world. You are so loved, thank you for coming to Mother Earth.

To the beautiful woman, known as Linda, director/publisher/editor of Aurora House Publishing, the openness, honesty and support through the publishing process has created a beautiful work of art, to anyone wishing to publish, Linda’s gifts are what dreams are made out of.

To the beautiful woman, known as Sarah, proofreader and editor for Aurora House Publishing, your time and efforts have taken the writings in their basic raw form to the beauty of their completed form and presentation, thank you so much.

To the beautiful man, known as Luke, visual artist and typesetter, your creative talents are responsible for the amazing covers and internal typesetting of the writings, a beautiful job, and thank you so much.

To life itself, your beautiful nature, your deep mysteries, and all the world’s creatures that make up the dream of creation.

And finally to you, the reader, the true inspiration and motivation for bringing these writings into publication, this book is for you.

Please enjoy looking through the website, however, being very much novices when it comes to the virtual world, we will keep it as simple as possible.

So, please forgive us, if it takes a while for new information or posts to appear, as we tend to spend our time out in the world of nature or being creative with the natural gifts that spirit has provided for us to share.

Until next time

So much love to you

Edwina and glen