The Spirit of Love is a collection of short writings, poems and phrases written by a man, who took himself into some of the darkest and most destructive depths that one can go with drug and alcohol addictions back in his early twenty’s.

The collection of writings contained within The Spirit of Love are the result of one man’s healing journey within himself, his spiritual awakening and the deep questioning that has arisen from within it.

With the love, support and guidance of his dear friend Edwina, in helping to bring these writings from the handwritten scribbles on paper to how they are presented today, The Spirit of Love is a reminder that no matter how dark, desperate, alone, helpless or trapped one believes they may be, the sheer beauty of the perfection of life in its totality is silently and patiently living within us all, and its love is so powerful that it can heal anything that has come to pass.


The Spirit of Love is a spiritual work, that is offered to anyone who is open to receiving such writings.


The book is available in Hardback or as an eBook.


Available at:

Yami Cafe, Brunswick Heads, NSW

Mary Ryan’s Quality Books, Byron Bay, NSW

SouLife, Crystals and Bookstore, Byron Bay, NSW

The Bookshop, Mullumbimby, NSW

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