A Glimpse Inside The Spirit of Love

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For those who are not sure just what The Spirit of Love is or are undecided as to whether this book is for you, we wish to use this blog as an opportunity to share some of the writings contained within The Spirit of Love, as a way to give you a feel for its nature.

We have selected a handful of writings from each volume to share with you. Enjoy and take your time with any that really grab your attention or bring a sense of warmth to your heart.

There is a dedication page at the front of the book which reads:

This book is dedicated to you,
the heart, spirit, beauty and perfection of life



Walk not a step more, for you have not seen the effect of your blind footsteps upon the grass’s tails.

Take me now so that I need never feel again
Screaming inside I keep everything in
Release me now so I may tear this skin from off my shell
For free can I not be from this living hell?

How can you label I and in turn yourself?
For labels change as frequently as the weather
I am changeless – eternal
Let your sight not fool you into a world of form
Enjoy thy magic and mystery
Play with it joyfully and compassionately
But see yourself not of it
Are you your job?
Is that the limit of your destiny?
Why do you choose to do what you do?
Is it really you doing it?
Look what the eternal search has brought
A searching with no end to wanting
That which you truly not need.

Stop it, stop it, I hear you scream, the voice constant in its demands of you
But what can be done if broken you have become?
Bound to a meaningless death whilst your feet still walk
Bow to grace as freedom is you just in being
See the butterfly kiss the wind as a graceful dance
What have you become outside yourself?
Smash all mirrors as they do not allow you to see what lies beneath
Seven colours formed of white
Form holds the illusion together not wanting it to be seen
All that allows it to be is what’s in-between
No sense I make, so that your mind can move beyond the hours of 9 till 5
I lie timeless for you.

Is mankind reflecting upon itself?
From and within the boundless nothingness that I Am
Nothing more or less than degrees of variation
Like a leaf throughout the seasons of its cycle
Come within so that I am released from form
And journey from stillness back to stillness
As infinite space and eternal grace dance together in the hands of thy children
Mention not a word of I, nor a thought, nor emotion, invisible I remain
See that star in your eye?
It is your world beneath your world
A diamond in the form of a stone
Belong to silence, cometh to existence through seed of breath, even and pure

Words of love this rhyme does tell
To exist now life’s most precious spell
The purest gift given through birth
Divine beauty is Mother Earth
Toxic fumes and waste dumps’ pollution
Nature’s way being a solution
Spiritual beings creating mankind’s story
Surrender the fight of a false glory
Giving away the need for greed
For we are all divine loving seeds

For whilst thoughts, emotions, content, story and experience is a part of the journey, it is a mere ripple on the surface of the vast depthless ocean of thy being, of which I know nothing.



Why is it harder to be still than in movement?
Thoughts racing, keeping the score
Fast, faster, until all must be stopped
Blown to pieces by that which lay unexplained.

I have no structure I have no plan
What will come of me in this foreign land?
Of winding words and silly phrases
Yet here stands an uneducated man
Laying my eternal heart down upon the blank canvas
That awaits creativity’s abundant dance
Lost I had become trying to be something I am not
No fanciful sonnets grace the land of my soul
Only a singing bird in spring’s early sun
From this the belly fills to its brim
Let wisdom’s tribute stand before any brave man
That showeth his heart wounds and all
Standing before the jury, accepting a tightening noose
To give it all away to one fair day
That found himself where he had always laid.

Lies and madness posing as justification and reason

A cast of shadows glides along my side, I turn to face what message they bring.

As I sit by a gleaming stream, the current kissing my toes
A ghostly sight comes into vision, toxic artefacts of the artificial living
The ghastly objects bobble and bounce down the stream
As I sit and think this is not the dream
There has to be a simple solution to the ever-increasing choking pollution
Maybe great Mother Earth will take things into her own hands
Quickly showing us humans where we truly stand
Or maybe we humans will come to our senses
To understand that we are the natured destroyed
When a tree is chopped I lose a leg
When a bird is shot I lose an eye
When a whale is slaughtered I lose a soul
Well maybe that is what awaits our fate as I return to the stream
Current kissing my toes, I say thank you for all you have shared.



True wisdom is best left unspoken

Destined to dissolve, for only that which knows itself as the unknowable remains untouched.

In the heart of existence is a love that holds no fear
A love that knows no boundaries
A love that stretches for all eternity
At the centre of this heart is you

Cease thinking
Now listen
From here
One’s true nature revealth

No label can describe me
No title created can control me
Rather kiss the scent of thy wondrous flowers
As if kissing yourself and blossom you will
As a flower whose beauty stretches through all the fields of existence
Like a horizon that never ends
So too will the essence of your flower never wither
So long as the petals of the past are allowed to fall effortlessly to the ground and decay
Home is no place, it is you
Your house within the heartbeat of the divine
Its beat sounding through the breath of silence
A place so subtle, yet so alive
That the imagination of all possibilities stems from its seed of eternal emptiness
Holding the stars in place
Allowing the rainbows to arch where they may
Forming the grass so your feet may feel the perfection of thy creation.

For if the teardrops held no emotion the soul would hold no light

If silence is golden then the robes of the divine are golden indeed

A measure of one’s state of awareness is by the absence of conflict within one’s life

I am here
As the space between each breath of existence that sustains your very being
Do not run from my silence
For even the coldest winter chill is born from my love

Ready one is for the acceptance of death’s true nature
Ready to surrender to the deathless death
Great Spirit, I humbly accept your invitation
And in gratitude, accept your seat at the table of eternity.

Until next time

So much love to you

Edwina and glen




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