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Please accept my deepest thanks and gratitude for creating a little slice of cyber space to be here with you now, at The Literary Nook, I am most honoured that you have allowed this space to be filled with this interview.


Thanks for this interview, Glen.  Can we begin by having you tell us about yourself and what do you believe is your life’s calling?

I am not much for words these days, as in silence is where one feels most at home and from such a space there is not a lot that one can say about oneself. For at one time, when attached and identified with the thinking mind’s perception of who it thinks it is, I answered such queries with a little story about what I did or had done in the past, whether it be a profession, job title, father, etc, however this is no longer the case, as giving such an answer to your request is not the true nature of who one is.

Maybe the following writing from within The Spirit of Love is a respectful way to honour your request.

For whilst thoughts, emotions, content, story and experience is a part of the journey, it is a mere ripple on the surface of the vast depthless ocean of thy being, of which I know nothing.


As for a belief in the purpose of one’s life calling?

If one examines what a belief is, a thought contained within the mind that can be as changing as the weather in a day or as fixed and hard as cement for a lifetime, from this perspective one does not hold onto a belief that one has a life’s calling.

At best, choosing the journey to explore the inner-journey of one’s true nature beneath and beyond the thinking mind’s perception of who and what it thinks it is, has been of most value so far.

It is a practice ongoing to be at ease, to be at peace and one with the pure moment

Every present attention required so as the voice of fear and control does not grip one away

Into its grand stories of falsehood and pride

Look at me, it says proudly

Look at what I’ve done and what I plan to do next

Praise me for all my efforts, of what I have achieved

Let not your awareness rest peacefully in the pure moment dissolving all my stories into ash

That’s boring, the voice of fear and control declares

For where is the conflict without me to create it?

For where is the suffering without me to create it?

For where is the drama without me to create it?

Where indeed?



When not writing, what do you like to do for relaxation? Is there a special place you go to figure out life’s mysteries?

Right now, I can hear a collection of different birds all talking and singing their unique songs; the Sun is breaking its way through the grey rain clouds, while a dog is barking down the street somewhere. This is relaxation, a very simple yet grateful awareness of all the beauty and mystery that is happening within this moment, is where I experience the deepest relaxation.

As for trying to figure out life’s mysteries……..

I let go of trying to figure out life’s mysteries, this is why life is called a mystery. And what is something that continues to remain as a mystery, if not something that cannot be figured out?

Accepting that life is the ultimate unsolvable mystery has allowed one to be in the mystery of life itself, a continuous adventure into the unknown imagination and possibilities of creation, what more could one want to experience?

Spirit, great loving spirit

Emptiness of thy vessel opens to a grace so untouchable

Like the beautiful butterfly that teases the senses

But remains just out of one’s reach and touch.


Your book, The Spirit of Love, is so powerful. If you had to summarize your book in one sentence, what would that be?

There exists a belief in the thought of you, dissolve it.


What makes your book stand out from the rest of books of poetry?

I didn’t publish The Spirit of Love to stand out from any other books; all books have their place within the play of life, none any more or less of value than any other. Although the book does contain poems as a form of writing style, the essence of the book is beyond any category or genre that it gets labelled into.

The Spirit of Love will find its way to whomever it is destined to.  


What’s next for you?

I don’t know yet, maybe I’ll go outside and feel the warmth of the Sun on this body, maybe I’ll have a cup of tea, I guess I’ll know in the moment of when I am experiencing it.

The awakened One leaves no footprints upon the earth that one treads

Such lightness that the weight of the past dissolves behind each step

Leaving no trace of such an existence

Such presence

That the future never sees the awakened One coming before one appears


Thank you to The Literary Nook for accepting this interview, thank you to all the readers out there and to everyone for being here on Mother Earth in this moment, love knows the way home.

the spirit of love, known as glen

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