Nature – A Reflection of Pure Love

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Nature – A Reflection of Pure Love

I dance with the sweet essence of life

So therefore, will you dance with I?

So all your flowers will know the dance of the Sun

In ways that a dew drop knows which blade to kiss before the morning’s light


This post is dedicated to Mother Earth and her loving beauty.

The beauty of nature, its healing powers available to all, reach out to her with humility and openness, assisting in one’s own healing journey she will, patiently awaiting one’s return and re-connection with her.

Her wisdom and love reflected through all she provides freely, even after all the destruction, poisoning and toxicity dumped onto and into her being, still she provides all, her love reflecting the love of one’s inner-most-being.

To anyone with the calling to look deep within, for the beauty of one’s inner-most-being, Mother Nature will nurture and caress you so softly, so lovingly, through every step of such a journey.    


Find the realm of nature
No man or machine in sight
Be with it, totally
Observe how many judgements the trees make of you
For the decisions made in times past
Observe how many demands the flowers place upon you
For your time in doing things that bring you no joy or excitement
Observe how many photos the birds ask of you
If thinking you are the most famous one in all the lands
Observe if the insects make a fuss
About whom your partner just slept with behind your back this past weekend
Observe its nature to see if it alters its presence
While the drama of one’s mind plays out in front of it
Does nature ask you to be some other way than how you are being with it now?
For no matter what previous action or choice been made
No guilt or oppression will be found upon the leaves of the trees
No critical assessment or blame will be smelt from the scent of the flowers
No faulting will it decry, when you enter its domain
Only, the direct reflection of the love of creation
That carries no name

Cannot you feel the spirit within her? Why? Why? Why?

You poison her veins with fluorescent venom

Yet still she gives you soil to grow your food

You shatter her body with each bomb that tears at her skin

Yet still she gives you air to breathe

Your chemical mind soaks away her pure clear blood

Yet still she gives you water to quench greed’s thirst

Great Mother Earth, you inspire me to a love that holds no enemy

Take not a moment more to cleanse your soul from our mistrust

Seeing you create your balance now

A new earth awaits your presence

And yet still you wish to give us abundance’s dance

Your wisdom singing peacefully within thy true self

A self of love, a selfless love

My weeping heart bleeds its last drop into your soil

Take it and send me to my grave with your earthy kiss

For you have earned your rest from the hand of man.

A blue jewel
Deeper than the deepest Sapphire
A love that only a mother can provide
Radiating through all your creatures
A diversity too numerous to know
Sweet Mother, your spirit holds all
Forgiveness, please
For one’s actions are born from a virus, that lives through destruction
It speaks and thinks in terms of my and mine
It walks in blindness, it claims to know all
Yet knows nothing of a truth and wisdom such as you
It seeks enemies, like a ghost seeks a body
Nature terrifies it, for revealing its powerlessness upon you it does
It hides amongst concrete and steel
It seeks security in the insecurity of itself
As long as its belief is fixed and solid, it cares not what belief it takes on
Its only comfort, endless conflict.



Mother Earth, your spirit is alive

Awakening to one’s nature is simply divine

Connected within, below and above

Thank you for sharing unconditional love

Misuse and greed has left you abused

So sorry I am you might be confused?

To why we are destroying our magical home

Plundering it all just to sit on a throne

Fear not, beloved, for the age of light is at its dawn

Being conscious as One a new earth will be born.

the spirit of love, known as glen

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