Alan Matthew Pepler (Amazon Reviewer) has reviewed The Spirit of Love.

5/5 Stars.

The Spirit of Love (known as Glen) has captured an element of the essence of the Divine Unknowable and laid bare his Soul for all to delight in.This exquisite book speaks deeply to that part of me that has forgotten the mystery in my own life and reminds me to expand into trusting my process. All is already taken care of by existence and as I let go and trust Life flows through me!

Deep Gratitude for the gift of remembering that these words bring to me…Highly Recommended!


Soula Yiangou has reviewed The Spirit of Love.

This is a book of incredible depth and beauty. Reflections by a man who has known the depths of despair and through this despair, has has been brought to a place of expansion and pure being. What a gift!


Amy Leigh Ridsdale, (Reviewer) has reviewed The Spirit of Love.

Full Text: “
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. What really appealed is that it is a man’s reflection on life and his perspective through his eyes. It really was an eye opener then men have feelings and thoughts to and that’s what I loved. 
Some men keep things bottled up but to be able to get a glimpse into this man’s world and everything he feels is just wonderful”.

Give it an 5/5… Fantastic book..


Marguerite Gibson, (Reviewer) has reviewed The Spirit of Love.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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 3.5 Stars. “

Really enjoyable poetry book. The overall theme (well, what I got from the book) was the power of nature, and the possibility for healing on both sides – for people and the planet, just through a little effort and reconnection. I liked those poems in particular. Some were really dark and gritty, which were fascinating too. My favourites would have to be 77 (awesome shepherd poem) as well as 149. There were many others, but those really spoke to me. Further, the photographs really enhanced the experience overall, particularly that gorgeous one towards the end with the ocean, birds and a stunning sunset. So, if you’re looking for a fascinating and thought-provoking poetry read, definitely give this one a go!”


J.M. Knight, (Reviewer)  has reviewed The Spirit of Love

This was suppose to be a poetry book but some of the things included wasn’t what I consider poetry. The writing was decent but there are so many writings about the same topic that I was hoping the author could of added something to make his poetry stand out. This is still a good book though and its message on healing and nature can speak to many of us.

3/5 Stars.